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Product Roadmap

The future of web-based admissions management

As an organization, RuffaloCODY has always sought to provide new experiences and capabilities that help colleges and universities get the most value from key emerging trends such as cloud computing, mobility, and social technologies. We will continue to focus on rapid, but substantive, innovation that provides our clients with meaningful solutions. These solutions will continue to be designed with a singular focus—to help you make your class.

This document is intended to offer a vision into the future direction of Enrollment Manager™, including its services, infrastructure, features, and support enhancements. In each part of this document, you’ll find broad directional statements that lay the foundation for our vision as well as specific goals and processes that manifest themselves through proposed delivery timelines.

This document will updated periodically and was last updated October 2013.

Apr 23, 2014, 11:17 AM