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User Group Meeting 2014

Why the Meeting was Canceled

The decision to cancel the 2014 User Group meeting was made to allow our technology team to continue working on resolutions to the performance issues you are experiencing with Enrollment Manager. We also want to ensure that our client services and support teams can remain focused on the work they are doing for you every day. We hope that this decision will reinforce the importance of Enrollment Manager within the RuffaloCODY portfolio of products/services, as well as our intent to provide the best possible customer service to you and your colleagues.

Scheduling Appointments in Atlanta

Despite the cancellation of the User Group meeting, we still want to provide you with the opportunity to schedule some dedicated consulting and/or training time with RuffaloCODY staff.  Therefore, we invite you to schedule some meeting time in our Atlanta office this summer--at your convenience. This time can be used for planning/consulting related to your use of Enrollment Manager and/or for specialized training on key components of the platform. There will be no cost associated with these meetings other than your travel expenses.
Your Enrollment Operations Manager can provide you with a set of available dates this summer during which you can schedule your meeting time--probably over one or two days.  Once the dates are set, your EOM can also work with you to create an agenda for your visit.

Visiting the Atlanta Office

The Atlanta Office of RuffaloCODY is located just outside the city of Atlanta in Tucker, Georgia. Served by the "busiest airport in the world," the Atlanta Office is accessible from just about anywhere in the U.S.--usually via a direct flight. There are a number of hotels and restaurants near the office. Given the distance from the airport and the volume of traffic in the area, a rental car is probably the most convenient and cost-effective means of navigation during your stay.

For More Information

To discuss the scheduling of your visit, including potential topics for training and discussion, contact your dedicated Enrollment Operations Manager. You may also want to review some of the content on this website to gather ideas and assess possible areas that you can focus on during your meeting time.