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Test Accounts in Client Environments

To ensure that test accounts created by Admissions Lab staff can be easily located and do not interfere with client operations, the following standards for creating and using test accounts. 

In general, test accounts should be used sparingly, especially those that may be picked up by client jobs and transported to non-Admissons Lab systems.

Person Record Naming Conventions
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  • For the first name, use SampleTest
  • For the last name, use 422
  • If multiple accounts are required, increment the last name in some useful way:
    • SampleTest 422
    • SampleTest 422A
    • SampleTest 422B

Entry Terms
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Where possible, utilize an older entry term that is not in use by the nightly analytics update. If a more recent entry term must be used, the test record should be deleted on the same day it is created to prevent assimilation by the various export and analytics processes.

Email Addresses
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Ensure that any email address used in a test account is either a known invalid or has a known destination, such as your Admissions Lab address.

Outreach Lists
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Prefix test OLs with "422_" where possible. Once the OL has served its purpose, delete it to prevent accidental use by client operations later.