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SMS Messaging

Enrollment Manager supports direct SMS (Short Message Service) messaging to any Person in the system. Each outgoing or incoming SMS Message is tracked on the Person record. This is very effective for one-on-one communication but cannot be used for bulk sending.

Creating SMS Messages

From the Person record, click on the SMS Message button in the ribbon navigation. If you don't see this button, you may need to have the SMS Security Role assigned to your account, or your school has not yet deployed this functionality. Please see your Enrollment Manager Administrator to request access. The following fields are available on the SMS Message form:
Regarding: From the SMS Message form, select the Campaign for which this message should be tracked.
Phone Number: If the Person has a Mobile Phone number, it will be the default. If not, you can select other numbers as well. Keep in mind that this functionality will only work with phone numbers and devices with SMS support.
Text Content: A standard text message can contain up to 160 characters (including punctuation and spaces). Longer messages will be broken into multiple messages. The application will attempt to split the message on the last space character before the 161st character to prevent splitting a single word across multiple messages. Also note that we cannot guarantee that the mobile provider for this Person will process the messages in the order they are sent.
The application will track the number of characters as you type so you'll know when you exceed the limit. 
Mobile Marketing Policy: Before sending any SMS message you must indicate that you agree with the Mobile Marketing Policy.
Merge Fields: You can insert merge fields to personalize your message using the same fields available in Email Messages. This includes fields for First Name and the Nickname Code Snippet which will use Nickname if available and First Name if not. 

Note: The presence of merge fields may cause you to exceed your character limit after merging occurs.

Common merge fields:
First Name: [contact.firstname]
Nickname/First Name: [NICKNAME]

Unsubscribing to SMS Messages
The Enrollment Manager SMS functionality supports industry standard START and STOP commands. If a student sends a message with the word STOP, they will automatically unsubscribe from future messages. The student will get a confirmation message: 
You have successfully been unsubscribed. You will not receive any more messages from this number. Reply START to resubscribe. 

If you attempt to send a message to someone who has unsubscribed, you'll see this message in the Sending Dialog:
The message violates a blacklist rule.

If a student unsubscribes from messages, the Allow SMS field on the Person record will be recorded as NO. 

SMS Activities

Outgoing SMS: Each SMS message sent will post an Activity to the Person record. This Activity includes the Person link, the Campaign, the date and time the message was sent, the phone number it was sent to, the Direction (Incoming or Outgoing), and the message that was sent including any merged data.
Incoming SMS: If someone responds to your SMS Message, the response will also be posted to the Activities on the Person record. Incoming responses will contain the same information as the outgoing SMS Message. 

Deploying SMS Functionality

There is a separate deployment process for SMS functionality that involves securing a 10-digit phone number for your school. To initiate this process, you'll first setup an account with Twilio, the service used for SMS. Once your account is setup, you'll need to send the following to the Support Team:
  • Twilio Application SID
  • Twilio Authentication Token
  • Twilio Long Code (SMS number)