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Set Up: SharePoint Document Connection

Setting up a New Client for Document Integration

When a new client requests document integration for their Enrollment Manager application, we need to set up a unique SharePoint site and then link their Enrollment Manager to the site. You must be a system admin on the PowerObjects server xvalabfs1.

Open up the SharePoint Central Administration site

Create a new web application

    1. Use HTTPS
    2. URL should be 
      1. Add this address to public DNS.
      2. Map this address in the server's (xvalabfs1) host file - (This ensures search will work properly)
    3. Use the service account Svcalabcrmsp
    4. Set the quota to limit the size of their document library.
    5. After it has finished creating the application, open the "General Settings."
      • Change "Browser File Handling" to permissive.
      • Change the time zone to match the client.
    6. Add the SPSeach account to the User Policy
      • Open the "User Policy" on the "Manage Web Applications" page (make sure you have selected the correct web application.
      • Hit "Add Users" 
      • Choose "All Zones"
      • Enter the User "SPSearch" and give the user "Full Read"
      • Hit Finish

Create a Site Collection

  • Title - Document Management
  • Style - Blank Site

Upload Solution

  1. Download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 List Component for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.
  2. Browse to the Site Collection you just created.
  3. Go to the Settings menu
  4. Under the Galleries section, choose Solutions
  5. Here upload the List Component you downloaded earlier. 
  6. Activate the solution after it has uploaded.

Link Enrollment Manager to SharePoint

  1. Log in to the organization's Enrollment Manager. 
  2. Go to the Settings menu and choose "Document Management" (under the System drop down).
  3. Choose Document Management Settings
  4. Check which entities you would like to have folders automatically created.
  5. Enter the URL of the Sharepoint site you just created ( and hit Next.
  6. Enter your credentials and it will validate the site. Hit Next.
  7. It will then create folders for each entity you selected.
  8. After it has finished, open the SharePoint Sites menu in Enrollment Manager.
  9. Open the site you just linked and give it a better name (for example, Orgname Documents).

Add Permissions to SharePoint

Follow guidelines from client communication to ensure the appropriate users have access to the SharePoint site. Make sure to add the C422Admin user as a member as well to ensure staff access to the site.