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SearchTrack is a service offered by Admissions Lab to assist with building your inquiry pool. The service leverages multi-channel communication to acquire inquiries including bulk email, print communication, and social networking. SearchTrack projects can be initiated at any point during the cycle. 

Data Acquisition and Loading

Data for SearchTrack is typically acquired through testing providers such as College Board and ACT, or from data providers such as NRCCUA. The selection and purchase of the data is completely up to you. Once you have made your purchase, you can delegate Admissions Lab to download and load your data into Enrollment Manager.

Bulk Email Search

Admissions Lab will design your SearchTrack email message using existing templates or any graphics you provide. This message will include several options for responding including:

Form Response: Your message will include specially coded links taking the student to a pre-filled form for completion. Data used to pre-fill the form is taken directly from Continuum.

Social Network Response: Your message can also include links to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or others where they can share a portion of the message.

Responses to your SearchTrack email campaign will be measured and tracked in real time within Enrollment Manager using Activities created. These Activities are created for Opens, Clicks (including Social Network sharing) and Form Submission.

Non-responders will be sent up to two follow-up messages after 10 and 20 days.

Paper-based Search

As part of the SearchTrack service,  Admissions Lab will provide assistance with paper-based communication as well. This includes preparing data for you to use in mail merge processing that can be transmitted to you or a fulfillment vendor. Data used in your paper-based communication also includes information to assist in web-based responses to your campaign. This includes:

Web Landing Page: You can direct students to a web landing page to respond to your mailing. This landing page can be standalone or imbedded in your existing web site using an iFrame (make your frame size 550x450). The landing page allows the student to enter credentials that take them to a pre-filled form for submission.

Login Credentials: Your data will include a username and password for each student that will provide access to the pre-filled response form. Data used to pre-fill the form is taken directly from Enrollment Manager.

Responses to your SearchTrack paper-based campaign will be measured and tracked in real time within Enrollment Manager using Activities. Each response will update the appropriate records and post a new activity within Enrollment Manager.

Getting Started with SearchTrack

SearchTrack is available to all Enrollment Manager users and priced based on the volume of search names you purchase. For more information you should contact with your estimated search volume.