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Relationships (Opportunities)

Use this entity to establish relationships between opportunities and persons or organizations. The relationship record allows you to specify the role that the entities have relative to each other; that is, how they affect, influence, or contribute to each other.

Associate an organization or person with an opportunity

  • From an open person record, select Opportunities from the left hand side navigation pane under Recruitment.
  • Open the opportunity to which you want to add a relationship.
  • Select Relationships from the navigation pane and click Add Relationship OR select Add Relationship from the Actions drop-down menu.
  • In the Opportunity Relationship form, enter information in the following fields:
  • Customer: Click the lookup button to search for an organization or person record. Select the desired organization or person and click OK.
  • Role: Select a value from the list that describes the relationship of the organization or person to the opportunity. You can request customized values in this field by contacting Admissions Lab Support. This field is not required.
  • Description: Optionally enter additional information about the relationship.
  • Click Save or Save and Close

Remove a Relationship

  • Open the opportunity and from the left hand navigation pane under Details, select Relationships.
  • In the relationships lists, select the relationship that you want to delete, and then click the Delete button.
Note: deleting a relationship record does not delete either of the related entities, only the link between the two entities.