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Mobile Express

Mobile Express allows you to view your Enrollment Manager database from any web enabled mobile device such as your BlackBerry®, iPhone®, iTouch®, Zune, Windows Mobile device, etc. Mobile Express allows you to quickly search and view pertinent information about Bulk Email, Organizations, Persons, and Opportunities.
To login into Mobile Express, simply enter the same URL as you do for the web based access to your database followed by the mobile extension of /m. For example, if your login is, then you would use to use Mobile Express. Use the same login credentials that you would use for the web based access of Enrollment Manager. If there are no records available for you to view, contact Admissions Lab support at setup information.
In every section you will have the option of searching and viewing records. You will also have access to all of your saved views in Enrollment Manager. So if you've create an Advanced Find to locate specific Opportunities, you can use it here!
After logging into your database you will see the following options:
  • Persons: This section allows you to quickly find a person. After selecting your desired view, simply search for the person by name. You will see their associated opportunities, interests and tasks.
  • Opportunities: This section allows you to view opportunities. First select the view to search within. You may search on entry term, opportunity type or person name. Click Opportunities for more detailed description.
  • Person Organizations: This section allows you to quickly find a person and their organization. You can search on the organization name and get a list of all persons associated with that organization. You may also search on a person's name and retrieve all the associations that person belongs to.
  • Organizations/Groups: Use this section to quickly search for an organization. Once you select your desired organization you may select the Person Organization option to view a list of all persons associated with that organization.
  • Bulk Email Sends: Provides access to basic tracking results including the status of any sent messages.
  • Interests: This provides a list of your organization's interests. To see specific interests about a person, first search for the opportunity linked to the person, and then you may see their interests.
  • Tasks: This section lists available tasks in your database. To view tasks related to a person, first search for the person in the person section and see related records.
  • Analytics: This section provides access to Descriptive Analytics information in mobile format.
For more details on specific data available through Mobile Express, see Mobile Express Data Availability.