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Step 3: Create Email Content and Send

To create a new email message, navigate to the Outreach Menu and select 'Mailing'. Click on 'New'.
Fill in the required fields:
  1. Name: Internal name of your email message
  2. Email Subject: External subject line
  3. Sender Name: This is the name the recipient sees in the "From" field. (Ex: Greenville University Admissions)
  4. Sender Email: Enter any email here. The email address you enter here does not need to be tied to a user.
  5. Owner: Pre-populates with the user logged into the system at the time.
  6. Campaign: Select using the look-up icon. Create new if none have been created. (Note: If you create a new Campaign, you must set the Campaign status to 'Launched')
  7. List: Attach your Outreach List here. If you are creating a Mailing prior to uploading a list, you may user a test list here.
  8. Save your Mailing using the 'Save' button on the ribbon at the top of your window. Saving your Mailing enables the HTML editor where you can copy and paste HTML or create a new email from scratch.
For detailed instructions for creating emails using the HTML editor, please read this article.