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Step 2: Add records to an Outreach List by source

While your records are importing, navigate to Outreach Lists from the Workplace menu and select "New" to begin a new list.
  1. Fill in the required Outreach List fields:
    • Name: Internal name of your Outreach List
    • Member Type: Select 'Suspect'
    • Activity Category: Select 'Personal Communication from College'
    • Activity Value: Select 'Email to student'
  2. Select 'Save' on the ribbon at the top of your window.
  3. Select 'Manager Members' from the ribbon at the top of your Outreach List.
  4. Select 'Use Advanced Find to Add Members to Outreach List'
  5. Click on Select and scroll down to 'Source'. Once you click on 'Source', a box appears for you to enter the value that is in the Source field of your import file.
  6. Click again on Select and scroll down to 'Status'. Enter 'Status' Equals 'Open'.
  7. Select Find at the bottom right hand corner of your Advanced Find window.
  8. Once your records have loaded in the Advanced Find window, select the radio button at the bottom of the screen for "Add all members returned by the search results to the Outreach List' and click on 'Add to Outreach List".
  9. Save your Outreach List by clicking 'Save' on the ribbon at the top of your window.
You can now attach this list to your Mailing from inside the Mailing window.
Note: You can create and save an Advanced Find ahead of time. This will allow you to modify and reuse the Advanced Find as needed. To do so, select Advanced Find from within the Leads area. Make sure the Look For box contains Leads. Complete steps 5 and 6 above, then Save the Advanced Find using the Save icon at the top of the screen. Give your Advanced Find a name.