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Managing Leads

Using the Lead Entity gives Enrollment Manager Starter users an easy way to quickly send email messages using data from other systems. The Lead entity should only be used by institutions looking for very simple email functionality (similar to the previous version of Campaigns). It provides a way to manage simple lists without the power and complexity of the full Email Marketing module. To use this functionality, talk with your Enrollment Operations Manager.
Since this is using different data from the Person records, you must update any Outreach Lists, Mailings, Templates, or Email Definitions to use Leads rather than Persons. We recommend:
  • Create new Outreach Lists for testing that includes Lead records for your staff or anyone proofing emails.
  • Update your unsent mailings, templates and mailing definitions so that any merge fields using Person fields (like contact.firstname) are updated to Lead fields (like lead.firstname).
  • If your footer includes any merge fields (like an email address of the recipient), make sure these are updated to lead fields.
Once you are ready to use Leads, you can follow these three easy steps:
Step 1: Import data using the Import entity from the Workplace menu.
Step 2: Add your records to an Outreach List by Source.
Step 3: Create your email content and send your message.