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IS Import Folder Job

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This job lives XVALABFTP1 server
Job name: Move Import Files to SFTP Location for RCISImport

Job trigger: File creation at the source location: "\\\opsdata\dserv\00-em\empautoftp"

Jod description:
This job has three steps in it:
1. Copy any files created at this location "\\\opsdata\dserv\00-em\empautoftp" (mapped network folder- 'K:\00-EM\EMPAutoFTP\' to the FTP folder "D:\FTP\RCISImport" on the Xvalabftp1 server.

2. Backup the copied file i.e. moves the files from "\\\opsdata\dserv\00-em\empautoftp" to "\\\opsdata\dserv\00-em\empautoftp\backup" folder

3. Email Notification: If the step 1 of the job i.e. file copying to FTP folder fails, an email notification is trigger indicating the failure. Email notifications to: Srinath, Keith, Fritz, Amy Weyant.