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High CPU/Slowness due to Outreach Lists

Problems with the OL Posting process will sometimes cause the SQL Server to slow down due to high CPU usage. This can be confirmed in the monitoring software.

To fix this, first find the Outreach List that is causing the problem. In SQL Management Studio, right-click on the server name and select Activity Monitor. Check both the PROCESSES section and the RECENT EXPENSIVE QUERIES section. This will indicate which databases are consuming the most resources. Then login to that school and use Advanced Find to locate Outreach Lists where Posting Trigger = 11. This indicates the OL where the posting process may be hung. Try to change this value to '0' and save the list. Once the value is saved, change it to '1' and save again. This will initiate the process again and should solve the problem.

If there are problems saving this value in the Outreach List due to performance, it may be necessary to kill the process in SQL Server first or, as a last resort, restart SQL. Once restarted, quickly make the changes needed.