OWU: custom modeling

An "App Rating" model is run for OWU every night immediately following their extract. This model places its results in OWU's AnalyticsScores table for import into CRM.

Because of the linked server bug, the OWU model is currently temporarily executed from a job on the 422sql003 server which selects from a view on the OWU warehouse instead of a job on the 422rpt001 server which selects from a view on the OWU analytics database. This setup is temporary.

This model creates three scores for qualifying students: "App Rating", "App Rating: Test Score Points", and "App Rating: GPA Points". The "App Rating" score is simply the average of the other two. A student will have all three or none.

Students qualify for an App Rating score by these criteria:

  • Have a current entry term
  • Have a status in the following categories: 'Applicant: Complete','Applicant: Denied','Applicant: Wait List','Admit','Admit: Withdrawn','Deposit','Deposit: Withdrawn','Enrolled'
  • Have a high score
  • Have an active personorg record with a GPA which is not self-reported


The "App Rating: Test Score Points" is the high score mapped by the ranges defined in the AppRatingTestScorePoints lookup table.

The "App Rating: GPA Points" is the GPA mapped by the ranges defined in the AppRatingGPAPoints lookup table.

As a modeled analytics score, the App Rating scores are imported to overwrite existing App Rating scores, so a student will have no more than one of each score at any time.