Lipscomb: midday bridge

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The purpose of this job is to provide two daily exports to Lipscomb, one overnight and one at midday, so that their morning work in Admissions Lab can be shifted into an external system for afternoon work. The twice-daily schedule is a compromise; the client would prefer an on-demand export which is not currently feasible.

This is a copy of the Extract 1 and Extract 2 jobs for Lipscomb, modified to affect only export data and analytyics data which is not effective-dated;  it produces the standard export file renamed to indicate that it is not from the overnight run.  It does not run the analytics application.  It is scheduled to run at 12:30PM. This job should be easily recreated from the Extract 1 and Extract 2 jobs for Lipscomb when those jobs are updated, but will not be automatically updated by the usual job upgrade scripts; it must be manually upgraded.

Step 10: "(modified: custom file) Export - Create Zip file for export"

rename \\422biz001\ftp\Lipscomb\Lipscomb_export.csv Lipscomb_export_bridge.csv && C:\"Program Files (x86)"\WinZip\wzzip.exe  \\422biz001\ftp\Lipscomb\  \\422biz001\ftp\Lipscomb\Lipscomb_export_bridge.csv