Metadata table: Versions

This tables holds the current version of the five warehouse features:


  • Schema: this is the structure of the warehouse tables
  • Extract jobs: this is the process by which data moves from the CRM database into the warehouse database.
  • Standard Export: this feature has several components:
    • the structure of the Xport table which mirrors the structure of the standard export
    • the process of moving data from warehouse tables into Xport
    • the process of moving data from Xport into the standard export file
  • Advanced Export: this version numbering tracks only the changes to the warehouse schema used by the advanced export feature and does not track changes to the synchronization process. 
  • Analytics: this is the structure of the data as provided to the descriptive analytics process and to other modelling processes. 

Version information includes a major and minor number, a release data (the date on which the feature was finalized), an upgrade date (the date on which the upgrade script was run for a particular database), and a hotfix date (the date on which any changes were made outside of a formal upgrade).

All features will upgrade by major version together; minor version upgrades may not affect all features.

The versions table is available in 3.1 Schema.