Extract table: XEntryTerm

This table holds domain information about entry terms.  It retains this information between extracts and is emptied and refilled at the beginning of the extract process.

Active entry terms are defined relative to the entry term listed in CRM in the custom settings (A422_Settings_Custom.A422_AnalyticsActiveTermId); active entry terms have a higher year or an equal year and a higher or equal term. 

In versions Stage II (and Stage IIa), only active entry terms were extracted to this table. In version Stage III, all entry terms defined in CRM are extracted and the active state is indicated by the IsActive flag.

Warehouse tableWarehouse columnField typeCRM viewCRM columnNotes
XEntryTermEntryTermnvarchar(100)A422_dom_entrytermA422_entrytermused to join to the AnalyticsMaster, which does not retain a GUID
XEntryTermTermYearintA422_dom_entrytermA422_yearonly available in Stage III
XEntryTermTermOrdinalintA422_dom_entrytermA422_termordinalonly available in Stage III
XEntryTermIsActivebitn/an/acalculated from the year, ordinal, and custom setting; only available in Stage III (in Stage II, only active entry terms were present in this table)