Search and View Registrations

To open Registrations:
  1. If you have just logged in, click the Registrations icon on the main screen


  1. Click on the Registrations bar in the table of contents.

  2. Select Registration.

There are three categories of registrations, each shown on a separate tab:

  • Active - Registrations for upcoming active events. The registrations on this tab have either already been confirmed with the constituent, or do not have any requests that require confirmation.

  • Inactive - Registrations for inactive events and individual registrations that have been set to inactive.

  • Unconfirmed - Registrations for active events with requests that must be confirmed. The number of unconfirmed registrations will appear on the tab label (e.g. "Unconfirmed: 5").

To search for a particular registration or group of registrations on any of the tabs:
  1. Enter one or more criteria in the search fields.

  2. Click the Search button.

Note: The text fields on the filter form use "contains" logic. The search results will include any records with a value containing the text you entered. For example, entering a filter value of "smith" for the Last Name field will retrieve all of the following: