Create a New Registration

There are two ways to start a new registration record from within Event Registration Manager.

From the Events Grid:
  1. Click on the Events bar in the table of contents.

  2. Select Event.

  3. If necessary, use the search function to limit the list of events. In the displayed list, select the row of the event for which you want to add a registration.

  4. Click the Add Registration icon to open a new registration form.

From Manual Registration:
  1. Click on the Registrations bar in the table of contents.

  2. Select Manual Registration.

  3. Locate your event on the calendar. Event Names are shown on their corresponding date(s) on the calendar. Placing your mouse over an event name will show the Event Start Time and the Short Description of the event.

  4. Use the Previous and Next links to scroll through the months.

  5. Once you find your event, click on the name of the event to open a new registration form.

Note: Event names are color-coded on the Manual Registration calendar:

  • Events that have reached their capacity are shown in red text. You may still register constituents for full events through manual registration. Constituents will not be able to register through the registration website if the event has reached capacity.

  • Non-public events are shown in blue text.

  • All other events (public events that have not reached capacity) are shown in olive text.