Manage Registrations

Event registration can take place in one of three areas:

Within the Event Registration Manager application:

(To be used by the staff at your organization)

  1. Manual Registration -- Select an event from a calendar view and create a new registration for the event.

  2. Events -- Select an event from the list of all events and create a new registration for the event.

Through a Web Registration interface:
  1. The Registration web site has a unique URL for your organization and department. This URL can be linked to from your organization's web site or from an email message. Constituents visit the Web Registration site to self-register online.

In the Event Registration Manager module, the Registrations menu has two items:

  • Manual Registration - a calendar view listing events. You may click on an event name to begin a new registration.

  • Registrations - this area shows a list of existing registrations that can be filtered. You can open up registrations to edit them.