Sessions are activities that occur at a specific time during the event. Often, such as in a "breakout session," registrants will be allowed to choose one session from multiple sessions offered during a particular time slot. Sessions are created in one area so that they can be re-used for any events. Each session created is assigned a capacity, so that you can limit the number of constituent and guests who register for a session. When a session type is attached to an event it is assigned a date and time.

Note: Because they are tied to a specific date and time, sessions are not available for recurring events.

Session registration is mandatory. In order for a constituent to complete his or her registration, they must select at lease one session. If a staff member is registering a constituent through the manual registration area, the Session selection is not mandatory.

Session Types are domain values that categorize sessions. Session Types must be set up by an Administrator in the Domain Values area.

Sessions are the specific topics offered for each session type.

Session TypeSessions
Breakout Session 1 Academic Life
    Campus Housing

Breakout Session 2

 Campus Housing
    Service Organizations
    Greek Life


 Freshman Orientation


 Transfer Orientation

To Create a Session:

  1. Click on the Events bar in the table of contents.
  2. Select Session.
  3. Click the Add Session icon on the right side of the page beneath the Search button.
  4. Enter the Name and Description.
  5. Select the Session Type from the drop-down. If the Session Type you need is not available, it can be added through Domain Field Values.
  6. Select the name of the Department that will use the session.
  7. Select or enter the numeric Capacity for the session. 
    The capacity includes the number of constituents and associated guests. Constituents registering online cannot register for sessions that have reached capacity. However, staff members editing registrations through Event Registration Manager can add constituents to a session that has already reached capacity.
  8. Make sure the Active box is checked.
  9. Click Add.