Search, Edit and View Events

To see your scheduled Events:

Click on Event Registration Manager and then the Events icon on the main screen

There are three categories of events, each shown on a separate tab:

  • Active - Events that are currently open for registration. By default, the events will be sorted in ascending order by event date, but they can be resorted by clicking on a column header.

  • Inactive - Events with dates in the past or that have been set to inactive. By default, the events will be sorted in descending order by event date so that the most recent events will be listed first.

  • Default - Event templates that can be created for each event type. A default event does not show on the registration calendar. For more information, see Default Events.

To search for a particular event or group of events on any of the tabs:

  1. Enter one or more criteria in the search fields.

  2. Click the Search button.

Note: The text fields on the filter form use "contains" logic. The search results will include any records with a value containing the text you entered. For example, entering a filter value of "open" for the Event Name field will retrieve all of the following:

  • Open House
  • February Open House
  • Parents' Open House Weekend

To edit an existing event:


  1. Click on the Events bar in the table of contents.

  2. From the menu, select Event.

  3. If necessary, use the search function to limit the list of events. In the displayed list, double-click the event you want to edit.

  4. To move between the five tabs of event information, click directly on the tab name, or use the Next and Prev buttons at the bottom of the screen. Make changes to event options on any tab:

    • New Event

    • Event Scheduler

    • Customization

    • Registration Fields

    • Follow Up

  5. When all desired changes have been made, go to the Follow Up tab and click Save.