Recurring Events

The Recurring Events option is a shortcut for creating multiple similar one-day events.

To create a recurring event:

  1. In the Events area, add a new event.
  2. On the Event Scheduler tab, select Recurring Event.
  3. Click the plus sign to open the Recurring Event Calendar.
  4. Put a check on all days on which the event will recur.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Complete information on all other tabs.

When the recurring event is saved, Event Registration Manager will create individual one-time events for each of the dates you selected when you created the recurring event. After these individual events are created, they are no longer linked to one another, so changes made to one event will not affect other events created from the same original recurring event.

Note: Sessions are not available to add to a recurring event because they require a specific date and time to be set. You may add sessions, if desired, to the new individual events, so that the session date and time can be directly tied to that event.