Online Event Registration Check-In

The online Event Registration Check-In allows you to record attendance or no-shows for events directly into Event Registration Manager. Checking a constituent as "Attended" or "No-show" results in the following:

  • The appropriate checkbox (Attended, No-Show) will be checked when viewing the Registration.

  • When registration records are exported through the Export utility. the appropriate "activity" flag will be exported with the record, indicating the event name and whether the constituent attended or was a no-show.

To use the Registration Check-In:
  1. Click on the Events bar in the table of contents.

  2. From the menu, select Event.

  3. Click on the Active or Inactive tab. You may do online check-in for events on either tab.

    • Active events are events with the Active checkbox checked, and that have a start date in the future.

    • Inactive events are events that do not have the Active checkbox checked. Events will automatically change to inactive after the event's start date has passed.

  4. If necessary, use the search function to limit the list of events. In the displayed list, click the row selector or the checkbox at the far left end of the row of the event you want to use Check-In. 
    Note: If you highlight more than one row or check more than one checkbox, you will see a message asking you to select a single event.

  5. Click the Registration Check-In icon. The Registration Check-In form opens, showing a list of all registered constituents.
    Note: Registrations that have been marked as "Canceled" will not be listed on the check-in form.

  6. If necessary, use the search function to look up a constituent by first or last name.

  7. Check the box in column A if the constituent is attending the event. Check the box in column N if the constituent is a no-show.

  8. If the constituent has registered guests, click the plus sign beside the constituent's name to expand the list of guests below.

  9. For each guest, check the box in column A if the guest is attending the event. Check the box in column N if the guest is a no-show.

  10. When you have finished making changes to the check-in values, click Save. To exit the check-in form without saving changes, click Back.

Note: If you have a walk-in visitor that is not on your registration list, you can register the visitor easily by clicking the Registration icon from within the Online Check-in Form.

To export the registration list to Excel:
  1. Select an event and Click the Registration Check-In icon.

  2. Click the Export to Excel icon.

  3. The exported records will open in an Excel workbook. If desired, save the file to a location on your computer or network.