Event Tab 5: Follow Up: Capacity, Guests, Messages and URL

Setting capacity limits for Registrants and Guests.
To set the capacity on an Event, please see the section on Event Capacity Handling.
Displaying Event Cost Information
The amount the event will cost per user and per guest can be displayed on the Registration form. This information can only be displayed on the form. There is no functionality to collect fees, manage or store payment information. If desired, uses can provide a link to a payment site to registrants in the Thanks page, Thanks email or Email confirmation.
Setting Guest Registration
Users can indicate one of the following for Guest Registration:
  • Full Registration - Use this option if you wish to collect to Guest's first  name, last name, relationship to the registrant and email address.
  • Quantity Only - Use this option to collect the number of guests that will accompany the registrant
  • No Guest Registration - Use this option if you do not wish to capture information on guests or if guests will not be permitted for the event.
Selecting specific Event Messages
This area allows users to indicate which specific messages should be displayed within the registration pages for the Event. To select a message, users must first indicate the Message Type, then the specific Event Message.
Note: Users cannot create, view or modify the specific messages from this area. To view and edit Messages, users must have Administrator access and should go the Messages area under Administration.
For more on Event Messages, please see the following sections:
 Event URL
Once an Event has been created and saved, a unique URL will be generated and appear on the last Event tab.  The URL can be linked from an organization's web site or can be sent to potential registrants within an email message. The URL  lead constituents directly to the registration site for the Event. This approach is generally used for non-public Events which do not appear on the external calendar.