Default Events

For each Event Type, you may set up an event record with default values. Having a default event saves you time when you create new events. Each new event record you create will have values pre-filled for several fields that are likely to have the same or similar values for all events of the same type.

To create a default event, follow instructions for each of the event tabs listed in the table below. 

Event Tab

Information carried over to a new event


New Event

Event Name

Event Description

Short Description

Event Location

Location URL

Public, Featured, Active checkboxes

The Is Default Event checkbox will be unchecked by default for all new events.

Event Scheduler


Event Start Date/Time and End Date/Time are disabled for all default events.



Sessions (types and names only)

If you add sessions to the default event, you will be required to select a time and date for the session. However, only the session types and names will transfer to a new event record. You will have to edit the session in the new event record to add the appropriate date and time.

Registration Fields



Follow Up


Cost checkboxes

All Messages

The Event URL for the default event will initially be transferred to a new event, but a new Event URL will be calculated after saving changes to the new event.

DO NOT use the Event URL until you have saved changes to the new event!