Managing Events with Multiple Departments

If you have Administrator-level permissions and your institution has multiple departments using Event Registration Manager, you will have access to all data for all departments when you log in. Some areas are shared by all departments at your institution, and some areas are specific to a department.

When searching for users, events, sessions and requests, you may filter by department. You may also pre-filter the items in all areas by clicking the Account Management bar in the table of contents, selecting Choose Department and selecting the department with which you wish to work.

Areas shared by all departments:

  • Messages

  • Roles

Domain Values
  • Most domain value types

Keep in mind that your messages, roles and most domain values will be shared by all departments. If certain items are used only by a specific department, you may wish to use naming conventions (such as a department prefix) to identify the values used by each department.

Areas specific to a particular department:

  • User Management

  • Person Management

  • Import

  • Export

Domain Values
  • Some domain value types

  • Events

  • Sessions

  • Requests

  • The same set of reports is available, but only data specific to the selected department will be displayed on a report.