Editing Event Messages

Event Registration Manager includes an HTML editing tool for creating and editing Messages that gives you the ability to control the fonts, colors, graphics, and formatting of your message.  The messages you create for both web page display and email can make use of all available HTML formatting options.

When working in the editor, you can view your message in three modes:


  • Normal mode allows you to compose and format your message in a simple word-processing environment.

  • The Code Snippet drop-down allows you to insert merge fields for data values in your event and registration records into the message. Place the cursor in the message where you want the merge field to appear. Click the Code Snippetdrop-down and select the data field you wish to insert.

  • Use the toolbar icons to format text, create tables and insert hyperlinks in your message. More about the HTML editor features.

  • HTML mode shows the HTML code automatically generated based on the message you created in Normal mode.

  • You can also create your entire message in HTML using FrontPage or other HTML editors and copy the HTML code directly into the message's HTML view in Enrollment Manager Events. Example     <script language="freezescript1.2" type="text/javascript"></script>

  • After pasting in HTML to the HTML view, switch back to Normal mode to insert Code Snippets (merge fields).

  • Preview mode shows a preview of what your message will look like when displayed in an HTML e-mail or web page. This view is non-editable and will not show actual data values for merge fields.

Note: Because the Registration Card Message is used in a report format that does not support HTML, only plain text should be used for this message type. Code Snippets (merge fields) also will not work in the Registration Card Message.

To set up automatic cancellation of a registration by the constituent:
  1. While creating the Thanks Email or Confirmation Email Message, select CancelRegistration from code snippet to use as a merge field. The code snippet will insert the text "Cancel Registration" into the email message with a hyperlink to a cancellation web page.

  2. When a constituent clicks on the "Cancel Registration" link, the cancellation web page opens, where the constituent is asked to confirm his or her intent to cancel the registration. If they do, they're shown a link back to the web registration Event Calendar to select another event. If done in the same browser session, Continuum Events will remember the constituent and pre-fill their registration form. A cancellation e-mail is sent to the constituent and any hosts connected to the registration's requests.