Event Messages

In the Messages area, administrators can create customized messages that Event Registration Manager will e-mail or display for constituents who register for an event.

Each message will be assigned a Message Type. Message Types are a set of domain values that describe different categories of messages Using Message Types is a way to help you categorize the different messages you will use for different types of events.
Behavior varies when Events do not have assignments for all Messages.
To add a new Message:
  • Click on the Administration bar in the table of contents.
  • From the menu, select Messages.
  • Click the Add icon on the right side of the screen below the Search button.
  • Enter the Message Name. The name is used to identify the message internally.
  • Enter text for the Message. The message may contain plain text or HTML. More about editing messages
  • Note:Because the Registration Card Message is used in a report format that does not support HTML, only plain text should be used for this message type.
  • Select a Message Type.
  • Make sure the Active box is checked.
  • Click Add.

Event Merge Fields

Several merge fields are available to be used within messages. To insert a merge field in your message, select the 'Code Snippet' menu in the message editor.