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Event Registration Manager

Event Registration Manager allows you to manage a wide range of on- and off-campus events and publish event information through

your website. Coordinate simple events, such as daily campus tours or admission appointments, or more complex events, like alumni receptions or campus visitation days, with tools that create online registration forms, Web calendars, and reports. Data collected from registrations is fed back into CRM for on-going enrollment management communication. 

Getting Started with Event Registration Manager

When your institution is live with Enrollment Manager, Event Registration Manager is ready for your use, but you will need to confirm the following areas with your Admissions Lab Client Services representative:

  • Confirm Email 'From' Address Information - This is the From Email Address and From Email Name that will appear on emails sent to registrants from Event Registration Manager. You can also specify a BCC email address where copies of event registrations will be sent.
  • Specify Event Types - Event Types are categories used to group events within Event Registration Manager. Event Types are part of the information used to create an Enrollment Manager activity posting.
  • Confirm User and Administrator Accounts - Indicate Enrollment Manager accounts that should have access to Event Registration Manager. Then specify whether these accounts should be Users or Administrators within the Event Registration Manager area.

Finding and Navigating Event Registration Manager

To get to Event Registration Manager, log into Enrollment Manager and go to the Events menu. Click on Event Registration Manager.

The navigation menu for Event Registration Manager will be across the top of the pane and consists of the following areas: