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Training Webinars

Getting Started 

Request Security Access - Details

Create Event Category Details

Adjust Calendar Style and Form Style.

Create Event Types -Details

Create Event Locations - Details

Indicate the Sender Name and Sender/Reply to Email Address for Event Messages. This is the friendly name (Greenville University Admissions) and friendly email address ( that will be used for automated event email messages. Send your choices to

Events I – Events Set-up and Communication

Creating and Scheduling an Event (<3 min)

Creating a New Event

Adding the Event Category

Adding the Event Type

Scheduling the Event

Adding the Event Start and End Dates

Adding Event Details (Part One) (<3 min)

Finding the Event URL

Setting the Event Location

Indicating an Information Only Event

Scheduling the Reminder Email

Activating the Thanks Email

Scheduling the Registration Window

Setting Guest Registration details

Adding Event Details (Part Two) (<3 min)

Adding the Event Short Description

Adding the Event Long Description

Setting the Registrant and Guest Capacities

Adding Registration Fields (<3 min)

Adding Standard (Non Profile) fields

Adding Custom Fields

Creating an Event Message (<3 min)

Creating an Event Message with Merge Fields (<3 min)

Adding or Removing messages to an Event (<3 min)

Finding the Calendar URL from the Event Category (<3 min)

Customizing the Online Calendar (<3 min)

Viewing an Event on the Online Calendar (<3 min)

Events II – Registrations, Reports and Check-In 

Registration: New Profile (<3 min)

Registration: Existing Profile (<3 min)

Finding and viewing Event Registrations (<3 min)

Using the Check-In App (<3 min)

Events Advanced Find Example_ Registrants for Email Follow Up (<3 min)

Events Advanced Find Example_ Attends for Phone Call Follow Up (<3 min)

Events Advanced Find Example_NoShows for Postcard Mailing Follow Up (<3 min)

Events III – Event Sessions and Requests 

Creating a Session Type

Creating a Session

Adding a Session to an Event

Understanding Event Session Times

Session Registration From the Student Perspective

Understanding Requests

Adding a Request type

Adding a Request to an Event