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Special Requests

Special Requests, commonly known as Requests, are activities, appointments, and accommodations for which registrants may optionally ask (e.g. classroom visits, overnight accommodations, etc.). Registrants can choose a a specific Request from among multiple ones being offered for an Event. Once chosen, staff members can view Requests that have been made, change the status of a request to indicate it is has been honored,  assign a host, when necessary,  and communicate related information back to the registrant. 

Requests must be created in advance of the Event and have the potential to be re-used for more than one Event.

Creating a Special Request

To create Special Request, click on Outreach.
Under Event Management, click on Special Requests. 
Click new in the top menu.
Complete the information about the Special Request: 
  • Name: (REQUIRED) The wording of the request as it will appear to the registrant
  • Owner: Defaults to the User who created the request. If should not be used denote the staff member responsible for the request. This is done using the Host field.The host field appears on the individual registrant request, which is created once the registrant has made the submitted the request.
  • Capacity - (REQUIRED) In order for the Request Tab to appear on the Event, there MUST be a value in the capacity field.
  • Request Type
  • Request Status
  • Request Cost; Displays information about the cost of the request. 
  • Description: A description of the session as it will appear to the registrant on the registration form. 
  • Capacity Message: Displays with the Request Capacity is reached. 
To attaching Special Request options to an Event, see the section on Creating an Event.

To create a Special Request for a unique Registrant, see the section on Registrant Special Requests.

To confirm a Special Request that a Registrant has made, see the section on Confirming Registrant Special Requests.