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Recurring Events

Recurring Events are similar Events that recur on multiple dates and times. 

The Recurring Event functionality creates unique instances of Events on the specified dates and times with many of the details from the original Event. Once the recurring Events have been created, they are individual events which stand alone. Modifications must be made on an individual event-by-event basis. In some instances, the bulk edit functionality can be used to modify Event details in bulk. 

To create a recurring Event:

Create a new Event or open an existing Event
Click on Recurrence in the top menu.
You will be prompted to move through the Recurring Events wizard which consists of setting the following items:

Recurrence Frequency: This is how often the event should recur -- Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Custom. 
Depending on the frequency chosen above, you will be asked to set the erecurrence configuration:

Recurrence Frequency

Configuration Selection 1

Configuration Selection 2


Every Day or Every Week Day

 Number of times the event should recur


Day of the week for the recurring Event (Sun - Sat)


 Specific or Relative

If Specific is chosen, select the dates (up to 5) that the Event should recur. 

Else if Relative is chosen, select

  • Week of the month for the recurring Event
  • Day of the week for the recurring Event
  • Number of months the event should iterate


 Select the specific dates (up to 5) that the Event should recur


Next, you will be asked to specify the date and start time of the first recurrent event.

Once the above steps are completed the system will create the recurring Events. The following information will be copied from the original Event:
  • Event Name
  • Event Type
  • Event Category
  • Send Reminder Email option
  • Send Thanks Email option
  • Event Border Color
  • Time Zone
  • Calendar Event Color
  • Short Description
  • Registration Window
  • Registration Start Date. Note: The registration end date will be the date and time that each recurrent event begins
  • Guest Registration options
  • School Options
  • Event Description (HTML)
  • Event Capacity
  • Registrant Capacity
  • Guest Capacity
  • Guest Limit per Registrant
  • Registrant Waitlisted Offset
  • Guest Waitlisted Offset
  • Messages (all)
  • Event Sessions
  • Event Sessions Times. The session dates will reflect the Event date of the recurrent Event. The session times will be the same as on the original Event.
  • Special Requests
  • Registration Fields
Note: The Owner of the recurring Events will be whomever is creating the recurring Events. This may be different than the Owner of the original Event. For example, if the person who created the original Event is Robert Shaw, but the person creating the recurring Event is Tracy Parker, the recurring Events will have the Owner of Tracy Parker.  

To modify recurring Events, please see the page on Modifying an Event