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Modifying an Event

Once an Event has been created, any user that has Event Management permissions can modify or delete an event. Clients are strongly encouraged to exercise caution when modifying an existing event that already has registrations. Changes to Event data such as date, time, session information, request information, email and other messages will need to be communicated to constituents that have already registered for the event prior to the time the changes were made. 

To modify a single Event:

    1.     From within Enrollment Manager, go to Outreach.
    2.     Under Event Management, click on Events. 
    3.     Search to find the Event you wish to modify. You may wish to search by:

§  typing criteria in to the search box

§  clicking on the filter icon in the top menu to add the ability to filter by column headers that are displayed, or

§  changing the view of Events from the default view (typically Active Events) to another saved Advanced Find view

    4.     Once you find the Event, open it and modify any desired fields. 
    5.     Click one of the Save options. 

To modify multiple Events:

Multiple events can be modified using the Bulk Edit functionality within Enrollment Manager. 
  1. From within Enrollment Manager go to Outreach
  2. Under Event Management, click on Events. 
  3. Use the filter functionality or Advanced Find to find the Events you wish to modify. 
  4. Select the Events and click on the Edit icon in the top menu. 
  5. Modify any desired fields.
  6. Click Save.
  7. The system will make the change in the modified field for all selected records. Fields that have not been modified will not be changed.