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Event Types

Event Type is used to categorize an Event. This field can be useful when searching for Events or related Registrations. For example, users may wish to search for Persons that have a registration for a specific Event Type or Types. 

Users can specify Event Types using whatever naming convention is desired. Examples of common Event Types are:
  • Campus Tour
  • Information Session
  • Daily Campus Visit
  • Interview
  • Open House
To view Event Types:
  1. From within Enrollment Manager, go to Outreach.
  2. Under Event Management, click on Event Type
  3. Event Types that have been previously created will be displayed. 
To create a new Event Type:
  1. From within the Event Type area, click on New in the top menu. 
  2. Enter the value for the new Event Type. 
  3. Click one of the Save options. 
  4. This new Event Type will not be visible among the list of options when creating a new Event.