Student Profile Login and Password

When a student attempts to register for an Event, they will be prompted to login to their Student Profile using a login and password. The following conditions apply: 

Existing login and password
If a student already has a login and password in Enrollment Manager, they may be used to log into the Event Calendar to register for an event. This login and password can be found on the Person record in the fields for Username (login) and Password (password). These values in these fields are auto-populated each time a new Person record is created. Typically the login is the email address. 

NOTE: The information in the username and password fields on the Person record can be overwritten by import processes including username and password creation/modification for other RuffaloCODY products such as the online or E-Application and the Student Gateway. Clients can also import directly into these fields using the Standard Import Process. 

Creating a login and password
If the student does not have a login and password, he or she should create one by clicking on the Create Account button. This will launch a page where the student will be prompted to enter information into the Profile fields. Upon save they will get a message indicating  that the student's profile was successfully created, and the registration form will be pre-populated with data as it was just entered.

Forgotten password
If a student has a login and password, but has forgotten the password, he or she should click the Forgot password button. The student will be prompted to enter their email address. The system will send an email message to that email address with the requested information. 

If the system does not have their email address, they will get a message saying that the email message does not exist or cannot be found. 

Forgotten Password Email Message:  The client can add/modify the content of this email message within the Event Messages area. NOTE: The forgotten password message will be the same message used if the client is also using the Student Gateway, so the message should be fairly generic. Below is an example


Per your request, below is your password:


If you did not make this request, please contact our office immediately at 1-800-Greenville-U.

Greenville University Admissions

Cancelling a Registration
If the Thanks email has been designed to include the [[cancellationurl]] field, the student may return to that email at a later date and click the link to be taken to where the registration can be cancelled. Or, by returning to the calendar and logging in, the student is presented with a list of current registrations, and may select one for cancellation. This will cause the Cancelled checkbox on the registration record to be checked.

When a student cancels their registration, the Cancellation Email will be sent to their email address.