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Web Registration

For web registrations, a student will register for the event by clicking a link to the Event Calendar from your web site, or by clicking on a link that you have embedded in an email message directing them to the Event Calendar or to the Event URL.  

To find the link for the Event Calendar, find and open the Event Category. The calendar link is in the box labelled Event Calendar. 
For a demonstration, please watch this video

To find the link for the Event URL, find and open the Event. The url is in the box labelled Event URL.

Once a student is at the Calendar or Event, they will be prompted to move through the following parts of a Web Registration. 

1. Student Profile:
In order to start a web registration, the student MUST either create a Profile OR login to using the Login and Password for their Profile. This step is mandatory for ALL web registrations. 

If the student has a username and password, it should be entered at the Log In screen. Then the student can click the Log In button to go to their profile. If this is the first time the student has registered, he should click on the Create Account link and fill out the Profile Information, and submit it. He may then continue to fill out the information required to register for this event.

2. Additional Information
In this section, the student will be prompted to complete other information in the form of Standard and/or Custom Registration Fields .

3. School Info:
High School:        The student should click on the Search button, which will allow searching for the high school. When a school is selected,
                           the Location and HS Code are pre-filled. If the student's HS cannot be found in the search, it may be added by clicking
                           the I can't find my school link.
Location:              City where HS is located
HS Code:              HS code

4. Special Requests:
If this event has Special Requests set up, the student may select one or more of the options presented.

5. Sessions:
If this event has Sessions set up, the student may select one or more of the options presented, assuming capacity has not been reached.

6. Guests:
Depending on how the event is set up, the Guests tab will either allow the student to provide the number of guests who'll attend the event, or demographic information about the guests. If no guests are allowed for the event, this tab will not be present.

7. Confirmation:
This form will let the student review the information in the profile. If any changes are needed, the Previous button will back up one tab at a time, or the student may click the tab where the change needs to be made. After all registration information is correct, the student should click the Submit button, or the registration is not saved.

After submitting the registration, a Thank you page is displayed that has been selected in the definition of this event. In addition, a thank-you email is sent to the student, which includes the username and password assigned to the student.

Note: Successful registration also depends upon available event capacity, and if the event is invitation-only. Some events may have a waitlist defined that the student might be able to join. Campus staff can also override event capacity at their discretion if the registration is made inside Enrollment Manager.

Subsequent Logins to the Calendar

After the student has received the username and password, when logging in for future events, he will be taken to the calendar, but now there are several buttons at the top right of the page. 

Clicking on My Events will take the student to a list of future events he is registered for, and using the Prev or Next buttons, he can page though the list. If desired, while a registration is selected, the student may download the event details as a calendar file to update an Outlook calendar.

Clicking on Cancel Registration will let the student confirm whether to cancel the registration for the selected event. If the Yes button is clicked, the registration's cancelled flag is set, with the date, and a cancellation email is sent to the student.

The student may also change his password by clicking on the Change Password button, entering the current password, and then entering the new password twice, and clicking Change.