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Staff Registering Students for Events

The most efficient way for a staff member to register a student for an event is for the staff member to go through the web registration as if they were the student. The steps are as follows:

1. Look up the student's Person record in Enrollment Manager. 

a. If the Person exists, note the Username and Password.  

b. If no Person record exists, move to step 2

2. Go to Event by either clicking on the Event URL or by going to the Event Calendar. Click Register.

3. Enter the Username and Password from the Person record to log in to the profile as if you were the student. If the student does not exist in Enrollment Manager, click Create Profile and complete the fields with the student's information. Click Submit. 

4. Proceed to the other tabs on the Registration Form completing all information as requested. 

5. Submit the Registration. The student will receive Thanks Email at the email address used to create the profile. 

6. IMPORTANT: Once you have submitted the registration on behalf of the student, log out of the calendar!