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Guest Registrations

Guests are persons who will be attending the event along with the registrant. 

When setting up an event, there are three choices for guest registration:

  • Full Registration - each guest's name and e-mail address will be requested on the registration form.

  • Quantity Only - only the number of guests will be requested on the registration form.

  • No Guest Registration - no Guests tab will appear on the registration form.

When registrations are created from the Web Interface, the guest registration information will automatically be created.

For Full Guest Registrations, whatever is entered on the web form (guest name, email address and relation to the student) will be used to create a new Person record in the system (or match to an existing one). Note: The system does NOT fill in the Person Role on the guest Person record.The guest's Person record will be connected to the student's Person record using the Connections area:The Connections area will also include the relationship between the student and the guest. 

For Quantity Only Guest Registrations, the number of guests that was entered via the web form will appear on the Registration in the field for Registered guests.