Manually add a Registrant to a Session

The following steps detail how to add an Event Session to an existing registration, or -- in other words -- how to register someone for a session manually. (For information on making sessions an option on the registration form -- please see the section an Adding Sessions to an Event.) 
  1. Find and open the Event Registration. (Open the Event and click on Event Registrations in the left menu.)
  2. Once the Event Registration is open, click on Registrant Sessions.
  3. Select Add New Registrant Session in the top menu.
  4. When the window opens, all fields should be filled in with the exception of the Session.
  5. Search and select the Session using the look up function. By default, only the list of Sessions for the specific Event will be listed.
  6. Find the desired Session and Click OK.
  7. Click a Save option