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Editing a Registration

To edit an existing registration for an event:
1. Find and Open the desired Registration. Remember, you can find the registration by 
  • Opening the Event and going to the Event Registrations area OR
  • Going to the general Registrations area OR
  • Opening the Person record of the Registrant and navigating to the Event Registration
2. Once you have found and opened the Registration, you can edit the information as desired such as the addition/removal of:
  • Special Requests
  • Sessions
  • Guests
3. The Registration status may be changed as needed. 
When a registration is initially saved, the Registration Status box that is checked is Web Registration or Staff Registration.  
Depending on the nature of the edit, an additional Status box may need to be checked such as Walk-In, Attended, Cancelled or No-Show. In general: 
  • If a staff member is registering the student, the Overwrite Capacity Check checkbox may need to be checked to allow the registration to be made despite the event being at capacity.
  • If a student did not register prior to the event but still attended, you may wish to check the Walk-In box.
  • If a staff member is registering the student for the waitlist for this event, the Waitlisted Registrant box should be checked. 
4. If needed, changes to the Person-data (email, address, phone number, gender) can be made directly on the Person record. Likewise, edits to the Opportunity-related data (Interests, Major, Term, Type) should be made on the related Opportunity. High School information should be added/edited on the Person Organization. 

5. Answers to Custom Questions that are asked on the Registration form will be in the Custom Data area of the Opportunity and can be added/modified from there. 

When all desired changes have been made, click Save.