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Event Messages

Event Messages allow Event Administrators to define a message that can be attached to an Event. Messages can be used on the Registration page, Registration Thanks page or inside email messages.

IMPORTANT: For Event Messages that are Emails you MUST request that RuffaloCODY set up the friendly From name and From email address that will be displayed to the recipients of these email messages. The system is unable to "cc:" a given email address on email messages that are sent, including the Thanks Email, Confirmation Email, Reminder Email and Cancellation Email. 

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Here are the options available when creating an event message:

Message Name - This required field is the name that appears in the picklist of messages on an event.

Message Type - This required field is a picklist selection of message types for an event. Using Message Types is a way to help you categorize the different messages you will use for different types of events. You may wish to create a set of message types for each of your event types. For example, message types for an Open House event type may be:

  • Open House Capacity Message
  • Open House Confirmation Message
  • Open House Host Confirmation Email Message
  • Open House Request Description Message
  • Open House Request Instructions Message
  • Open House Session Instructions
  • Open House Thanks Email Message
  • Open House Thanks Page Message
  • Open House Reminder Email
  • Open House Waitlisted Thanks Email
  • Open House Cancellation Email
  • Open House Password Reminder Message
For more information about Message Types, see Message Types.

    Default Message - When checked, this checkbox indicates the default message for this message type. There will be a default message provided for every message type.

    Owner - This required field defaults to the name of the account creating this message, but may be edited. 

    Message Details - This is an HTML window is used to define the message that you are working on. As well as using the toolbar functions, you may paste in pictures, tables and other objects. You may also insert merge fields into the text of the message so that items that vary by person or event are customized. For more information about the HTML editor, see Editing Messages (new)

    Here are merge fields that may be added to a message. Merge fields have double square brackets around the field name; if those are accidentally removed, it will put a literal value into the message rather than act as a field with varying content:

    -- Person Fields --


    -- Event Fields --


    -- Session Fields --

    -- Registrant Special Request Details --

    -- Guest Details --


    Notes - A new note can be created whenever a notation or comment needs to be kept. You can add an attachment to a note.