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_Event Management FAQs

Where can I find the URL for my institution’s Event Calendar and Check-In Application?

The URL for the Event Calendar and Check-In App is the found on the Event Category. From the left menu under Outreach, go to Event Setup and click on Event Categories. Open the Event Category (most clients will just have one). The URLs will be visible.

Why am I unable to delete an Event?

In order to delete an Event or related items, you must have permission to do so. As well, the Event cannot have any related Event Registrations, Event Sessions, Event Session Times, Special Requests or Registrant Sessions. 

Why aren’t students who are registering receiving the Confirmation Email?

The Confirmation Message (email) is not sent to everyone who registers. Please see wiki page on Event Message Types for the circumstances under which the Confirmation Message is sent. The Thanks Email Message is sent out to every registrant who submits a Web registration via the online calendar. 

Why is the Register button too low on the Event Details page for potential registrants to see?

This behavior occurs because there is not a Form style applied to the Event Category. You can check this by going to Event Set Up and clicking on Event Form Styles. If there is one listed, make sure that it references the specific Event Category for your Event. If not, you will need to create a new one. 

How do I determine which values should be displayed in the drop down fields on the Event Registration form?

The drop downs for the fields on the Event Registration form are taken from the list of values you have defined for that domain within Enrollment Manager. You can choose the ones that should appear in each list by clicking the checkbox for “Web Forms” next to each domain value. Note: This checkbox means the value will be used for ALL web forms (inquiry, data entry form) including Event Registration domains. 

How does the password retrieval process work?

If a student has forgotten, or does not know their password, they should click on the link for “Forgot Password” from the Profile Registration page. They will be prompted to enter their email address, which should be the same one that is in Enrollment Manager.

They system will send the student the Default Password Reminder Message email with their password. The message is typically worded as such:


From Name: [Organization] Admissions

From Address: [generic organization email address]

This message is being sent, as requested, to assist you in resetting your password.
Your new password is: [[Password]].
After you login with this new password, you’ll see an option to change it.



Once the student logs in and accesses their student profile, there will be a link in the top right corner of the calendar menu where they can reset their password.

What’s the easiest way to export Registration data out of the system?

The easiest way to export Registration data out of the system is by using the EM -  Events Standard Date Export Report. This report can be found in the general Reports area. 

Why do I not see all my Events in the Active Events view?

The system Active Events view shows those Events that are Active and have a start date of today or within the next year (365 days).  If you wish to create a view of your Events with a different set of criteria, you can do so using Advanced Find.

Why do I not see all Registrations in the Active Registrations view?

The system Active Event Registrations view shows those Event Registrations that are Active and connected to an Event that has a start date within the next 120 days.  If you wish to create a view of your Events with a different set of criteria, you can do so using Advanced Find.

How can a staff member register a student for an Event?

The most efficient way for a staff member to register a student for an event is to go through the web registration as if they were the student. A list of steps for staff to follow this process is found here

When are reminder messages sent to students by email?

If you have a Reminder Message defined for an event, the emails are sent beginning at 6 AM EST on the date determined in your event. For instance, if you have a Saturday Open House scheduled and have specified to send the reminder 2 days before the event, it will be sent beginning at 6 AM EST on Thursday. 

How long will it take for an online Registration to be visible in Enrollment Manager?

Event Registrations aren't created 'live' when the student registers. Instead, the registration is first stored in the cloud. This is for performance reasons and allows the data to be collected quickly. Once the data is collected, it is pushed to Enrollment Manager on a continuous cycle that typically takes no more than 5-10 minutes. 

How can I change the friendly From Name and Email Address on the Event-related emails?

For Event Messages that are Emails you MUST request that RuffaloCODY set up or modify the friendly From name and From email address that will be displayed to the recipients of these. 

How can I be notified of new Event Registrations? 

Users can go in and pull information on new Event Registrations at any time from within the system. The easiest way to do so is to filter on Registration Date from the Event Registrations area, or create an Advanced Find that shows Registrations that have a date of today or within a given range. You can save and reuse the Advanced Find as needed. You can also set it as the default view if desired. NOTE: The system is unable to send email notifications to staff members when a new Registration has been created. Nor is the system able to cc staff members on outgoing emails including the Thanks Email, Cancellation Email, Confirmation Email or Reminder Email. 

Why isn't the Event I created showing up on the Event calendar?

Here are some common reasons why an Event may not show up on a calendar:  

  • Event Date is incorrect; The user who created the Event typed an Event Date other than the desired date.
  • Viewing the wrong month in the calendar;  Make sure that the month that the calendar is displaying is the same one in which the Event is scheduled
  • No Session Times: If there are Sessions associated with an Event, the times must be indicated on the Session Timing in order for the Event to show up on the calendar. 
  • No Event Category: Make sure the Event has a related Event Category
  • The Event is Inactive; If the Event has been made inactive -- either manually by a user or by the system when the Event Date has passed --  it will no longer appear on the calendar

 If you are still having trouble viewing events on your calendar, please email

Can I reuse an old Event?

No. You should not reuse or recycle an old Event. That is, if the Event date has passed and the Event is inactive, you should NOT reactivate it and change the dates.