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Event Locations

Event Locations are displayed when potential registrants are viewing the Event Detail and give information on where the event will occur. Locations also include a hyperlink to a URL that can point registrants to a specific web page or link to an online mapping service. 
Examples of Locations. :
  • Student Center
  • Jefferson Administration Building
  • Home of Dr. & Mrs. Theodore Banks
  • Hilton Hotel, Sunnydale
  • Thompson Classroom Center 
To create a new location:

1. From within Enrollment Manger, click on Outreach and Event Management
2. Select Event Locations from the left menu.
3. Click New in the top menu.
4. Complete the following information for the Event Location:
  • Name - This is the name that appears in the picklist of locations on an event. It will be displayed to the potential registrant.
  • Owner - This defaults to the user who is creating the Location, but may be edited. It will populate the Event Organizer field on the event.
  • Location URL - This is the URL associated with this location.
  • Street1 - The first line of the street address for this location.
  • Street2 - The second line of the street address for this location.
  • Street3 - The third line of the street address for this location.
  • City - The city for this location.
  • State - The state for this location.
  • Country - The country for this location.
  • Notes
To add a location to an Event, please see the page for Creating an Event.