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Event Check In at the Event

Any staff member responsible for marking attendees at the event can do using the event Check-In application. Note: Staff must have or request specific permissions to access this area. 

The URL for the Check-In App is the found on the Event Category. From the left menu under Outreach, go to Event Setup and click on Event Categories. Open the Event Category (most clients will just have one). The URLs will be visible.Typically the format of the URL will be, where orgname is equal to the Enrollment Manager database name and the category is equal to the Event Category name.

Once you have clicked on the link for the Check-In App, a login form will be presented. Staff should enter the same email address and password that they use to log in to Enrollment Manager. From the list of events presented*, choose the desired event. Next, click the Check-In button in the bottom right of the form.
A list of Registrants who have not checked in yet will be presented on the Pending Check In tab, along with contact number and email address, and guest attendance if applicable. As an attendee is marked and the Check In button clicked, the name is moved to the Checked In tab, along with any guests. 

Sorting on the Check In Application
By default, registrants are sorted by First Name in ascending order. The user can re-sort the list by Last Name or change the sort order from ascending to descending by clicking the icon in the grid. In addition, an alphabet filter is found on the bottom of the screen that will filter names based on the current sort order. For instance, if you're sorting by First Name and click 'D' you'll see registrants with first name beginning with D.

The Check In App and Event Status

The Event Check In App can be used for Events whether the Event Status is Active or Inactive. By default, the Check In App will show those events that are in the future. However, using date range search users can pull up and check in students for past (now Inactive) events