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Adding Sessions to an Event

Before adding an Event Session, commonly known as a Session, to an Event, the Session should already be created and saved. See the pages on Event Sessions for information on how to create a Session. Once the Session has been created, follow these steps to add it to an Event so that registrants can sign up for Sessions during the online registration process.
  1. With the specific Event open, click on Event Sessions in the left menu.
  2. Click on Add existing Event Session.
  3. Browse to find the specific session you wish to add.
  4. Click OK.

After you have added the Session(s) to the Event, the system will create an Event Session Time for each Session. The default date and time on the Event Session Time will be blank. Users MUST edit EACH Event Session Times with the desired date and time that the Session will occur. If this step is omitted, the Event will not show up on the Event Calendar. 

  1. Go to Event Session Times on the left menu (still within the Event). This is the area where you will indicate the details of the session as it is related to the specific Event.
  2. Find the Session that you just added and open it. 
  3. Fill in the blanks for the Session Date(s) and Times. 
  4. Save.