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Document Management

Storing admissions documentation is a critical component of any admissions operation. Enrollment Manager provides two different options for document storage:
  1. Document attachments to Enrollment Manager records
  2. Third-party Document Imaging 

Document Attachments

Every entity in Enrollment Manager has a document attachment function that allows you to attach a document directly to a record. This function is appropriate for occasional document storage but is not recommended for true document management. Here are some appropriate examples of where this might be used:
  • High School Profile- some high schools will provide a document outlining the class academic profile for their school. This could be attached directly to the high school record in the Organizations/Groups entity.
  • Student Portfolio- a student may provide a portfolio document with artwork to be used in evaluating artistic ability. This document could be attached to the Opportunity record.
Documents stored using this method are stored as binary code in database. This is potentially problematic for large scale document management because it increases the size of the database. Since the documents are stored in the manner, there is no indexing, version control, or search function. 

Document Imaging

Enrollment Manager has been optimized to work with third-party imaging systems such as ImageNow. These systems have desktop functions that allow integration with Enrollment Manager using the EM Person ID and EM Opportunity ID fields displayed in the application. This, in combination with data exported to the imaging system for ID matching, can provide a compelling document storage solution. 

Enrollment Manager ID's
The Enrollment Manager Person ID and Opportunity ID's have been exposed in the footer of every record to provide easy integration with third-party tools. The values will appear as shown below:

Data Integration
The Enrollment Manager Person ID and Opportunity ID are included as standard data in the Standard Export and Advanced Export. For full two-way integration, you may wish to store your imaging system ID in Enrollment Manager as well. This value is easily imported using the Standard Import process and stored in the Person/External ID entity.