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Decommissioning a Client

To decommission a client, several steps must be taken.

  1. Establish the ‘turn-off’ date
  2. Send an email to the client documenting what to expect from the client's perspective. The email should include:

- When and how data will be delivered (SQL backup file placed in FTP data folder); include FTP folder credentials

- Client should copy bulk email content and templates for future access.

- Forms will no longer be available.

- Event Manager will no longer be active.

- User accounts will be deactivated.

  1. Set up Advanced Export for the client, and perform a full download (on my workstation) on the designated day.
  2. Extract orgs from the client’s CRM database into an Excel file.
  3. Perform a database backup of the AE warehouse, zip it, and add the excel file to the zip file, and place on the client’s FTP site.
  4. Notify client that backup file has been placed in FTP folder
  5. Delete export/warehouse jobs
  6. Confirm the org is removed from other jobs that might specify its database by name
  7. Turn off Events and Forms datafeeds
  8. Decommission CoreMotives account for the school
  9. Turn off any forms (Inquiry, Data Entry, Applications) in the forms engine
    1. Open Form in Builder

    2. Go to EditàPropertiesàForm

    3. Change ‘Form On’ to No. Save Properties

    4. Publish Form

  10. Disable users in AD, CRM, Events, Forms
  11. Update client config information
  12. Perform a backup of the MSCRM, Warehouse and Analytics databases, zip them, and store for 30 days
  13. Remove the client from CRM Deployment Manager
  14. Delete the live MSCRM and Warehouse databases
  15. After one week, delete the FTP folder