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Custom Project Requests

Custom projects are client requests that will incur additional fees based on development time and resources involved. (Additional user licenses or email volume are not custom projects.)

Clients should submit custom requests to the Support Team including detailed specifications.Items that may be submitted as custom project requests include, but are not limited to:
  • Web Forms
  • Search Track
  • Exports
  • Reports
Detailed specifications are needed to determine time/resources needed and costs associated.

Example – Custom report requests should include:
  • ·Type of report (list, detail, count)
  • ·Records to be included (for query writing purposes)
  • ·All fields to be displayed on the report
  • ·Sort instructions
  • ·A sample of how the output should appear (using a sample record from CRM when possible)

Internal process:

  1. Client submits the request, and a case is created in CRM for tracking purposes.
  2. Details are added to the Client Project List in SharePoint for internal review.Status associated to request is NEW.Fields to include:
    1. Title
    2. Request Type
    3. Status – New
    4. Client Name
    5. Description
    6. Request by
    7. Priority
    8. Severity
    9. Product Area
    10. Date Requested
    11. Link to Case
    12. Attachments, if appropriate
  3. Cost is determined and updated in Client Project List including Project Cost and Project Cost Details.List is also updated to include Staff Assigned To and Staff Resources.
  4. Cost is communicated to client and communication is included on Case history.(See below for communication instruction.)
  5. Status in Client Project List is updated to Waiting for Client Approval.
  6. If client rejects project, the Client Project List is updated with status Cancelled.Process ends.
  7. If client approves project, Jeff and Janna will be notified to generate an invoice and SOW.Client Project List is updated with Invoice Sent set to Yes and Date Authorized field is updated with date of initial client approval.
  8. SOW is signed and returned by client.Update Client Project List with SOW Returned date and status In Development.Work begins.
  9. When project is released to client for review, update Client Project List with status In Testing and Date Delivered.
  10. When client gives final approval, update Client Project List with status Completed and Date Deliverables Approved by Client.Close Case in CRM.

Communications regarding Custom Projects

  • Custom project communication should include the specifications for the project as submitted by the client.
  • If the project is a form, it should indicate that there is a yearly fee for forms maintenance in addition to the initial cost to develop the custom form.(This becomes a part of the yearly subscription.)
  • It should include the total cost to complete the project.
  • It should include the time estimated to deliver the project for testing.
  • It should indicate that any changes to the specifications will require a reevaluation of the associated costs/estimated delivery time.
The custom project team has reviewed these requests for delivery and associated costs. The details are listed below. These specifications were taken from the emails you submitted.
  • Interview Summary Count Report: Report Cost - $2,000
    • Detailed specifications…
  • Status Conversion by Event Report: Report Cost - $1,500
    • Detailed specifications…
  • Please confirm whether or not you wish to proceed with the development of one or both of these reports. If you wish to proceed, please reply to this email. Once you have confirmed your intent to proceed, we will send you a Statement of Work and an invoice will be generated. Once the signed SOW has been returned, work will begin on the reports. Work will not begin until the signed SOW has been returned.We expect to have a draft of these reports available 2 weeks after receipt of the signed SOW.
  • If the specifications above are incorrect, please reply with the appropriate corrections. The new specifications will be reviewed by our custom project team to ensure that the quote and the timeframe still apply. In addition, changes made to these specifications after the project is in progress may result in additional fees based on time and resources needed to accommodate the changes.