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CRM Import Setup

This topic provides information about utilities and internal documents that are available to help support staff work with clients to prepare to use standard imports for CRM.

User documentation 
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General information for clients along with user documents for all current imports are published on the public Wiki site: Imports

Please note that the documents published on the external Wiki are pdf files. The original MS Word documents are stored on the internal SharePoint site. If changes to user documentation is necessary, the original Word docs should be edited, saved as new pdf files, and republished to the external Imports Wiki.

Internal documentation and utilities 
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Import documents are stored in the internal SharePoint document center:

422 Group Intranet > Document Center > Product Development > Continuum 422 CRM > Imports    

This is the top level folder for all import documentation. The links referenced in the following sections refer to subfolders within the Imports root folder.

Standard Person Opportunity Import setup 
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Clients are responsible for preparing their data file in the format described in the Standard Person Opportunity Import documentation. Fields in the import file that map to domain fields in CRM must have values included that match exactly to domain values in the client's CRM database.

In the past, we offered clients a snapshot set of all current domain values in their CRM database by using an MS Access utility for generating a set of tables with all current domain values. However, clients should now be instructed to export values themselves through the domain value lists available on the Admin menu in CRM.

Third party import setup 
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Documentation for third-party imports (ACT, SAT, etc.) is organized in folders by import name under the Third-party root folder:

422 Group Intranet > Document Center > Product Development > Continuum 422 CRM > Imports > Third-party

Subfolders for each third-party type are labeled by year. Folders containing documents for third-party imports that are currently in development should use "(IN DEV)" in the folder name until they are ready to be released externally.

Before using a third-party import (ACT, SAT, etc.), clients must set up lookup mappings for fields that map to domain fields in CRM. MS Access utilities to assist clients in preparing these mappings are available in each specific third-party import folder. Be sure to get the most recent version that is ready for external release. An instructions document for using the lookup utilities is found in the Third-party root folder.